Our Mission

The art of movement is the heart of bluedeer yoga.  Movement is food that nourishes the deepest aspects of your heart, body and spirit.  Therapeutic yoga is high quality food in the form of movement and one of the most powerful techniques for enhancing wellness and fostering self-healing available today.  Our mission is to provide a sanctuary with real yoga, real people, that get real results.

What is the blue deer? Across all time (the deer is one of the five most ancient animals) and in many cultures, traditions and legends the deer represents gentleness, compassion, grace, beauty, intuition and keen observation. Blue connotes calmness, openness, insight, wisdom, sky, water and clarity. The blue sphere in the logo represents this one earth we all share, the paradigm of friendship over dominance and our mutual interdependence as well as the doorway to your heart where these two worlds meet.
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Bikram Yoga and Beyond

Bluedeer Yoga is a Ghosh lineage studio. Bishnu Charan Ghosh was one of the greatest and most influential yoga masters of the past century. Ghosh developed a yoga regimen that provides a unique blend of spiritual inspiration and a highly disciplined physical exercise.

Many transformational teachers have emerged from the Ghosh lineage.   One of these is Bikram Choudury. Bikram has promoted this lineage through 26 rigorous postures derived from the Ghosh lineage known world wide as Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class. Our Core 26 Yoga class is essentially the Bikram class as it was taught originally. All of our yoga classes are considered classical hatha yoga. Tony Sanchez, who studied with Bikram from 1976-1980 when he was certified by Ghosh’s College of Physical Education, founded the Yogic Physical Academy in 2011, in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico to teach the 84 asanas from the Ghosh lineage. We teach from Tony's perspective.  It is a more intuitive style honoring the body's own intelligence.

The Bikram Method with 105 degree temperature, 40% humidity with grips designed to help you open the body more quickly is also offered at bluedeer . We have certified Bikram and Tony Sanchez instructors.

Originally Bikram was taught in a room heated to 95 degrees. Our classes are also heated to 95 degrees. With less heat you can more effectively isolate the areas you want to work on. Our style of yoga is warm and cozy, nourishes and tones the body from the "core" out. In bluedeer yoga you generate internal heat by practicing slowly with awareness, feeling gravity’s pull under your feet creating a grounding of the body’s energy. This grounding force creates lightness, and the body naturally desires to extend itself. The core of this extension is the spine. We focus on alignment with the anatomical planes. The planes expand out from the axis of the body (the center line of the body). Use of the planes connects you mentally, physically, and emotionally to your center, which empowers you. Aligning with your center and working with gravity, you cultivate life-energy and send it to specific places in the body depending on the pose.


Bluedeer yoga is a beautiful studio with a spacious lobby designed to create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Simple and rustic, our goal is to provide a quiet, well lighted spacious sanctuary. The studio is located in one of the premier plazas in the area with restaurants and shops that face each other in a cascading promenade, a unique destination.

Studio amenities include clean changing rooms with separate shower facilities for men and women.

Our Heating System: From wood burning stove to gas burning furnaces hot yoga has come into the 21st century with radiant heat. FIR (Far Infrared Heat) is a form of thermal energy like the warmth you feel penetrate your skin when you are outside in the sun. Far Infrared Heat is a healthy, natural, and safe therapy for all living things. You can use less heat in the room more effectively as FIR is capable of penetrating deeply into the human body (approx 4 cm). It is more comfortable and more beneficial because of increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation, and oxygenation to body tissues. It does not dry out your lungs, throat, mouth or nose as in traditional warmed and blown air systems.

The health benefits and relaxation experienced in a noise-free, non-allergenic, far infrared radiantly heated environment is a hallmark of bluedeer yoga’s studio design.

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Classes and Rates



  Core 26 is the beginner's class. It is the 26 postures sequenced by Bikram from Bishnu Ghosh’s 84 Asanas that was scientifically designed to bring fresh blood and oxygen to every cell of the body. It helps the body eliminate waste, recharge, and heal. The sequence along with each posture practiced twice has a powerful therapeutic effect on the body and mind. It is a 90-minute class practiced in a climate controlled room.


 This class builds on the Core 26 sequence. Also known as 84: Asanas: Level 1 codified by Tony Sanchez. The sequence expands to include postures that build upper body and abdominal strength and increased flexibility for the hips. The postures are generally practiced once and there is greater emphasis on breath and moving slowly. Breath and time are empowering. Exploring the postures with awareness is an enjoyable and dynamic experience that can transform your practice. It is a flexible, beginning/ intermediate system 75 minutes long in a climate controlled room it prepares the student for 84 Asanas: Masters’ Core System


Expanding on the Core 26+ this class is based on the 84 Asanas: level 2 and 3 codified by Tony Sanchez and challenges the intermediate as well as advanced yoga practitioner. This class is the heart of Ghosh’s Asanas and offers the dedicated Ghosh/ Bikram student new, but traditional and challenging, postures sure to bring growth and renewed interest to this universally popular system of practicing hatha yoga.  The teacher typically practices with the class so your own practice should be well established.  Please contact Suzanne to meet her personally prior to registering for the first time.  Classical hatha yoga is an integrated and living system that evolves with you.  We encourge you to come and practice as often as you can.  This is a 90 minute class.


Yin Yoga is a challenging yet quiet form of yoga. It is accessible to all individuals, whether you are and experienced yogi or just beginning. It is the perfect compliment to all forms of exercise. Yin Yoga focuses on the postures which stretch the connective tissue between joints. Focusing on Yin postures will enhance and improve muscle strength and helps prevent injury.  This is a non-heated class.


This dynamic yoga is particularly adapted for those who like action and effort.  Vinyasa is the alignment of breath and movement allowing for optimal management of energy and  elimination of toxins.  The series is organized with an increasing level of difficulty.  A vigorous yoga practice for those that like a challenge as well as working toward various inversions.  This is a 90 minute class.  No eye on the clock here this class is fun!




Only $39 for one month of unlimited yoga.   This special is for first-time students who are new to bluedeer yoga.

The benefits of Hatha Yoga are cumulative. The more frequently you practice, the more quickly you will see changes in your body and your life. We offer a fantastic introductory special for new to students. For just $39 dollars, you receive a 30 day, unlimited yoga pass so you can test drive your body and find out just how great you are capable of feeling.

Single class $20

Student Drop-in (age 12-16 ) $10

10 class $150        6 month expiration  ($15 per class)

20 class $280       8 month expiration  ($14 per class)

30 class $390       10 month expiration  ($13 per class)

50 class $474        12 month expiration ( $9.50 per class)

100 class $800    12 month expiration can be shared with family member. ($8 per class)


1 Month Unlimited $150

3 Month Unlimited $350

12 Month Unlimited $1,210   12 month expiration.

Add $290 to the 12 month unlimited and share with one family member.


12 Months Unlimited $99 a month

6 Months Unlimited $109 a month

4 Months Unlimited $119 a month

Minimum 4 month enrollment, 5 days notice requirement to cancel within the first 4 months.

Unused classes class packages can be rolled over with new package purchase.  This does not include introductory deals.

Towel rental ~ $2   /   Mat rental ~ $1  /   Water ~ $2



Suzanne Musetto, director of bluedeer yoga, is a certified Bikram (2003), Core 26+ and Masters' Core System (2014) Instructor.  She began practicing Bikram Yoga in 1997 with Diane Hatfield, a well- known and respected local Bikram yoga teacher, and a small but dedicated band of friends in what is now referred to as ”the barn” in Moorestown, heated by a wood burning stove.   It is likely the first studio dedicated to Bikram yoga in New Jersey.    Suzanne's journey in healing began in 1989 studying the science of holistic health at the Center for Human Integration, and she has completed many training courses in massage and body therapies.  She has studied the healing power of plants with leading American herbalists and Qi Gong and Applied Qi Gong Therapy with Master FaXiang Hou.   Studying Huichol Shamanism with Brant Secunda is an ongoing passion in Suzanne's life.  Since 1980 she has been a member of the Sacred Heart community in Camden, NJ.

Ruth Hunter
Ruth Hunter has been practicing yoga with Suzanne Musetto, her stepmom, for over 10 years. Ruth successfully completed the Core 26+ program with Tony Sanchez in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico this November. Ruth is also a runner, cyclist, swimmer, and triathlete. As an enthusiastic athlete, Ruth is always trying to maintain a healthy body through yoga to be able to be active, spend time outdoors, and keep up with her just as active 13 year old son, Lucas, 10 year old daughter, Kira, 14 year old stepdaughter,Juliette, and 10 year old stepdaughter, Olivia. Ruth is also a criminal defense attorney who represents indigent clients through New Jersey’s Public Defender’s Office. Ruth is very excited about teaching at bluedeer yoga and sharing her love of yoga.

Justin Marx
One of Cherry Hill's best Vinyasa teachers. Justin's classes are fun and challenging for any level of yoga student. For the last 10 years he has being teaching an engaging and intuitive style of vinyasa and is a teacher's teacher. Along with teaching yoga he coaches soccer is a fitness, martial arts, and Pilates intructor. United Nations Ambassador for yoga.

Clare Din
Clare began her yoga journey at the age of 11 when one of her gym teachers incorporated Shoulders Stand into her weekly gym classes. Encouraged to embrace a life of academics and teaching at the high school and university level, it took many years to eventually come full circle and embrace what she learned so long ago. Once she started Bikram Yoga, she started a daily routine of six days a week, just as Bikram Choudhury prescribed. Crediting Sandy Robins and Noelle Burgoyne as her primary mentors, she earned her teaching certification in the spring of 2015 and has been teaching ever since. In the summer of 2015 she earned her second teaching certification in Yin Yoga. In addition to yoga, she also has experience training in running, weightlifting and Kung-Fu. Clare is currently pursuing a deeper understanding of the martial art Aikido, which she feels is strongly connected to yoga.

Marisa Lombardo
Marisa came to yoga as a means to manage the physical discomfort of scoliosis 12 years ago. She has a strong personal ashtanga practice which led to her 200 hr ashtanga certification with Dhyana Yoga Philadelphia. She has taught abroad in Italy and France and speaks both languages. A Vinyasa, teacher she continues to broaden her knowledge of various yogic schools in effort to bring more depth and variation to her vinyasa flows. Currently she is studying the Budokon style of yoga with Cameron Shayne, Budokon's founder. The Budokon style of vinyasa incorporates mixed movement and martial arts into yoga sequences. Her background in ballet has added to her individual flows. She has studied and done workshops both abroad and locally with Cameron Shayne, Simon Park, Joan Hyman, Justin Marx, Diana and John Vitarelli.
Yoga is not the same for every one, she is a firm believer that yoga must be tailored to each individual's personal needs and physical differences.




The studio is open 30 minutes before advertised class times. First time students please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early so you have time to fill out a wavier form and enroll in class. Shoes are removed when you enter the front lobby area where they can be left long with your coat. There is place for your things in the changing area of men's and ladies room. Please be in the yoga room and situated by the scheduled start time of class. The door is locked when class begins.

What to bring ~ Clothes you can sweat and move in- leggings or shorts and a tank top ~A bottle of water ~A bath towel ~A mat.

Don’t eat for 1½ hours before class.

Be well hydrated especially if you have not worked out in awhile.

Mats and towels are available for rent and water available for purchase. We have showers with body wash, and shampoo




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